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Robert M. Wright; Author, Freelance Writer, Realtor

Creator of the Aesr Universe

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Hello and welcome,

My name is Robert M. Wright and I am a full-time writer as well as a Realtor, who specializes in creating dynamic fiction in both the fantasy and science fiction genres. I have been in both fields for several years and I am loving every minute of it.



 I am a blogger, author, freelance writer, Realtor and creative thinker. I use my extensive training in investigations to help nail down the needs of my clients both as their Realtor and as a freelance writer. Finding uniquely creative ways to help both achieve their needs in an efficient and timely manner, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

I have written several books, one an observation of raising children in the modern era titled The Misbehaving Child. Common sense discipline for the 21st. century., and a series of fantasy novel set in the magical world of Agaya starting with; War of the Dreamers.  I have worked as a moderator and administrator for a creative writing website called RolePlayGateway for the last three years. During that time I have been responsible for creating content, helping new writers develop their concepts, developing policy and teaching writing courses on how to write fictional combat.


I am a member of the Ambler Creative Writers Meetup group and enjoy helping others hone their craft.

I have a Bachelors of Arts in Communication and a Master of Arts in Human Behavior. Both from National University in San Diego, California. I have worked nearly ten-years as a child abuse investigator with both San Diego’s Health and Human Services Agency and Washington State's Department of Children and Family Services. Working in the Native Amercian units in each organization.


I live in a small town in Pennsylvania with my lovely wife Lisa, our dogs Jackson and Gearo. Our cat Autumn has moved on after 13 years and is waiting for us on the other side.

Please feel free to contact me if you are a fan or have questions about the Aesr Universe at;