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Robert M. Wright; Author, Freelance Writer, Realtor

Creator of the Aesr Universe

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Finding the right freelance writer is finding the writer who will treat your project as their own; they will not stop until you are satisfied.  As a freelance writer, I do all these things.  I zero in on your needs and then focus on producing the words that convey your vision to your clients and audience.

I enjoy working with people and I love to write. This combination gives me an edge in the freelance writing industry. I use my extensive background as an investigator and realtor to ask all the right questions and I love doing my job. I believe any piece of writing is worth the time to make it as perfect as possible, that means making your vision, your ideas come to life.

My freelance writing rates can vary primarily with the amount of research, reading and communication time involved.



Advertising copywriting:                  Per hour: $70-90.00            Per project: $2,500.00

Direct Mail copywriting:                   Per hour: $50-60.00            Per project: $8,250.00

E-mail ad copywriting:                     Per hour: $65-80.00            Per project: $835.00

Content editing (trade):                   Per hour: $50.00                  Per project: $7,950.00

Ghost writing (as told to):                Per hour: $80.00                  Per project: $22,500.00

Ghost writing (no credit):                 Per hour: $70.00                  Per project: $36,500.00

Manuscript evaluation/critique:       Per hour: $70.00                  Per project: $1650.00

Business & sales letters:                Per hour: $80.00                   Per project: $765.00

Proof reading:                                  Per hour: $30.00                   Per page:    $3.10