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Robert M. Wright; Author, Freelance Writer, Realtor

Creator of the Aesr Universe

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The Laws of Aesr

  • All life is energy. The patterns of Aesr are the vibrational energy that resonates and emits from all living creatures.  Aesr is the collective energy of everything that exists in the multiverse and this energy can be felt, tracked, and manipulated.
  • Since all life is energy it can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can change form or shape.  At the end of the natural cycle of all things; the solids, the liquids, and the gasses all melt and coalesce into the Aesr again.
  • Once life is expended in one existence, it expands to a new incarnation to begin anew.
  • That which is unseen corresponds to that which is seen, and that which is seen corresponds to that which is unseen, in the understanding of Aesr.  And just as all things come from this correspondence, through the use of Aesr, so all dreams are birthed as reality in the same way
  • Thus, Aesr refers to a collective field of consciousness that manifests in any perspective, context, or occurrence.  Aesr is also moments of self-awareness or dreams, which organize themselves as holos or complete occurrences, which are imprinted on the greater whole of the multiverse.
  • Aesr manipulation thus provides control over consciousness, the observable laws of probability, energy and the nature of subjective experience.  Aesr creates a shared experience between the user and those who are recipients of the effects, be it a living organism or an area where a discharge of vibrational energy (aesr) imprints itself into the landscape.  Thus, the Dream becomes a reality.

All power comes at a cost, and with Aesr that cost comes in the form of transcendence. The more immersed in the Aesr, the more connected the adept becomes, the less physical they are.  Ultimately, once the adept becomes part of the universal Aesr, able to see and track the weaves of fate, they are no longer flesh and blood.  Their bodies transform from flesh to aesr energies that swirl and course around their bones.

The Jah’ra discovered long ago the use of the black wraps.  These gauzy cloth strips are bound around the living body as the adept begins their training, ensuring that if the adept ever wishes to return to a normal life, their body will once again form in the shape it held before.

However, the journey to this skeletal form takes many years, around 22 years of training, and understanding the processes and forms of Aesr.  It is rare that many reach this level of skill and power. Those who have dedicated their lives to the highest form of Aesr control are truly masters of the universe able to walk the energy paths between worlds.  They are able to see the weaves of Aesr, understanding how they connect and intersect with one another. Their control over reality is fearsome indeed, as anything they desire can be brought forth from their dreams.

While the adept can tap into the universal Aesr, if pushed beyond his limits, he will begin slowing and ultimately falls into a deep slumber. He will not wake until 12 hours have passed in which his body is recouping lost energies. This is the called the quiescence, adepts don’t want to be placed in this position because their auric shield is at its weakest.

Author's notes:  An accepted definition of magic is the power of influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. The mysterious forces in my stories is Aesr. This is how I see magic working in my multiversal setting. The Aesr adept can control the energies of reality and by force of will can manifest effects that change perceived reality surrounding them to what they want reality to be. The more powerful the user the more reality they can manipulate and alter.