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Robert M. Wright; Author, Freelance Writer, Realtor

Creator of the Aesr Universe

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“O’ mighty kings, ‘lo before you lies the vast world of Agaya, place of the Dreamers, lands of mystery and wonder. The tines of fate run deep and the world trembles at the presence of the agents of change.”

 “Listen O’ kings and princes of legend; the time is near for the prophecy of the end times and the opening of the Gates of Dreams and Nightmares.  'Lo that the days of blood and shadow comes upon us like a thief in the night. Yea, through the fire and pain not all is lost, mighty ones.  For the prophecy speaks of those heroes who rise to face the agents of doom.  They shall change the fate of this world and those beyond our ken.”


Old as the universe comes the legends of the war of fates and the gates of Dreams and Nightmares.  Agaya, hoary and magical, a vast world where the tines and twists of the multiverse run deep and gates to far off places appear and vanish with chaotic abandon. Agaya is a land where great danger stalks those who dare venture forth to explore the world.

This is the primary world setting for my Aesr fantasy novel series starting with the War of the Dreamers.