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Robert M. Wright; Author, Freelance Writer, Realtor

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Dramatis Personae


Queen Scathach-- the Dreaming Queen and leader of the Xindhi, the most powerful Gothi on the planet and possessor of the Soul Staff who resides in at the Dark Cathedral, a hidden fortress city rumored to be floating among the clouds.

Lady Rahel Drake-- cousin to the Queen and leader of the Black Wall Clans, she is a weapons master and rumored to have taught the Queen how to fight with her staff. She is the leader of the Frost Fire Knights,  elite heavy cavalry, that has faced and defeated the Nightmare legions on several occasions in brutal and bloody battle.

Synjyn Drake-- cousin to the Queen and brother to Lady Drake, he is Lord Counselor to the Queen and is accepted by the Kittari of the Talisan as an equal and afforded every honor and respect given to a master of Kittaradi.

Skallagrim the Cughtagh-- he is one of the Queens champions and the opener of the Nightmare gate as well as its gateman. He possesses one of the three swords of Fate, Onverlicht, wandering the mulitverse where he keeps watch for the dark aesr of Ghoukas that herald the coming of the Lord of Nightmares. 

Kavi the Aeryn-- she is one of the seven Aeryn, who are the personal guard and protectors of the Queen.  Kavi is the leader of the seven and carries the Dreamers dirge sword in battle. Considered one of the finest warriors in the world, she is only slightly behind Lady Drake in skill and expertise.

General Hauk-- he is the leader of the Sluagh, the Queens own heavy cavalry and brother to Skallagrim. Hauk wears the clan kilts of the north honoring his heritage by speaking in the northern tongue and bearing the blue-black clan tattoos on his body.

General Melkar-- he is the Talisan general who joined Lady Drake after she bested him in battled. He and his army of light cavalry and skirmishers have been instrumental in several battles by using their speed to take enemy attackers from the flanks sweeping them away in routes.

Darda-- she is the Jah’ra captured by Prince Autik, forced to be an energy sink for the witch Jashta until she and Skallagrim rend the veil of reality, escaping into the spaces between worlds. She has forsaken her slumber and taken up the mantle of life again seeking to understand the multiverse.

Prince Autik-- he is the younger brother to the Dreaming Queen and a powerful physical specimen.He has no aesr ability and cannot master even the most basic of cantrips, however to make up for this lack of magical talent he is immune to the effects of magic. He is a general in the service of Ghoukas and possesses the black sword Dust. He commands the Nightmare legions and is feared throughout the world.

Jashta-- the warped witch, she is a bitter woman who failed in her attempt to be an Aeryn, and that failure led her to desire the throne as revenge. She is the paramour of Autik and brokered the deal between the Lord of Nightmares and them. Granted an aspect of the nightmare power and her magical energies are almost as powerful as the Queen is. She hates with a passion Darda whose powers and knowledge eclipse hers with ease.