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The Three Fates construct and weave the threads of possible futures for worlds and people throughout the multiverse and each major shifting of those possibilities affects the multiverse on scales that only the Fates can see. The Fates do not get involved with the races birthed on the multitude of planets as they spend eternity spinning the looms of fate to see and understand the events that have happened and will happen. The Fates are neither good nor evil, they merely are.

The Fates are Rhydderch the Shining One, Skuld the Shadowed, and Marva the Dark. Many races on many worlds have creation myths about them, having garnered some wisdom from their understanding of the Aesr, but the reality is the Fates reside in the spaces between worlds and link and unlink possibilities between worlds and peoples as if it were a game among the three.

The Fates are detached from all the cries and pleas of those birthed in the multiverse. Their singular task is to understand the many possibilities of life. However not all life is subjected to their whims and ways, entire races and planets are lynch pinned by individuals that the fates have linked to milestones that determine the direction of their worlds and races will go. These individuals are masters of aesr, individuals who have learned to control the energies of the universe.

The next group of creatures often called Gods, Demi-gods, angels or daemons by the multitude of intelligent life in the multiverse are the First.

They are the first race to ascend and master the aesr opening their planets gates into the multiverse. They are masters of magic, can see and walk the various paths of Fate, having long ago forsaken their own world, now residing in the space between worlds called the Shadow Lands. 

These creatures are a diverse and unique group shifting allegiances on a whim and often use the worlds as pawns to play their games. Throughout the multi-verse, the various races have their myths of gods who have come to their worlds.It is through the intervention or interference of the First that many races, peoples and worlds have developed.

Ghoukas  the Lord of Nightmares, the most powerful of all the First sought to challenge the Fates and obtain their power. He waged a war against them that resulted in the destruction of nine worlds. After that event, the Fates crafted the weapons of Fate, three mighty swords--  Pendaran, Onverlicht  and EskildOnverlicht the Cimmerian Blade that are given to the champions to face and defeat Ghoukas.Once he was defeated, the Fates ripped his body asunder scattering his energies throughout the multiverse to be imprisoned. However, the reality is the Fates know he will rise again and they will have to face him again, but have ensured that his rise will take millennia. 

KNOWN FIRST: These are the known First and their aspects as seen and interpreted on various worlds throughout the multiverse.They are the most powerful of their kind.

Ghoukas  the Lord of Nightmares; also known as Ghawas the Stone Knife God of the Underworld,  Gharawa the Night Wind and Ghua’xytala  the Enemy.  Ghoukas is the foremost recipient of living sacrifices throughout the multiverse.  He is the giver and taker of life. He is the patron of sorcerers, necromancers, and thieves.  He is a shape-changer as befitting his title Lord of Nightmares. His symbol is the eclipse as the light of the moon or sun is devoured by a shadow and the eclipse throughout the multiverse is the harbinger of ill tidings. 

When the multi-universe was, still young, Ghoukas waged a war against the Fates. A war he lost as the Fates crafted weapons, the Swords of Fate, to be used by the champions of Fate to defeat him.

His powers include the ability to enter any living creatures mind while they sleep to see what lies in their deepest psyche, what fears they hide away using that knowledge to weave a nightmare to draw them under his control. Ghoukas has the ability to see the limited future consisting of no more than a few strands of fate. Ghoukas can warp reality to suit his desires, however his powers are not absolute, and the possessors of the Swords of Fate are nigh immune to his powers. 

He is considered the most powerful master of Aesr in the multi-verse and there are few First who are capable of facing him in battle. He is seen as either a monstrously tall, horned creature made of smoke and ash surrounded by a nimbus of pale green light. Or as a short, ugly dwarf with an over-sized head and large glowing eyes of sickly yellow carrying a heavy stone dagger. On other worlds, he appears as a shimmering being with no eyes, large translucent wings, and silver-white claws with oversized teeth.

Bannruod  the Lord of the Five Darks; also known as Jafruod the Lord of Gallows, Bantor the One with Elusive Eyes, Bafur the Awful, Banverk the Evil Doer,  Wantur the God of Dark Tidings, Bantyr the Lord of Crows.  There are many legends associated with Bannruod throughout the multiverse.  Wherever darkness touches he is able to see and know all that travels in the absence of light. Considered a handsome being he has numerous affairs with females throughout the multiverse. He is considered the wisest of the First and many of the First come to him seeking advice and counsel.

His mastery of the Aesr give him the ability to assume many guises, as well control darkness to kill enemies, cure illnesses and travel instantaneously through the dark. He wanders the multiverse often as a humble traveler wearing dusky or smoky clothing to seem less than he is, however he carries the black sword Bás ar póg (Death’s Kiss), which is able to rend the veil of reality with but a single slice. 

Bannruod also takes on the appearance of a handsome man wearing shining plate armor or heavy hooded robes. On some worlds he is thought of as a death daemon  in their folk lore. It is said that on the darkest night men, usually warriors, are hung on a tree until dawn as a sacrifice to him. These sacrifices willing enter the service of Bannruod as shadow crows who serve him for one year and one day. After that  service they are allowed to travel to their new life blessed to be special in their new world. His symbol is the crow and he is often depicted having a murder of crows following him.

Graff  the Icy Emperor; also known as Agrafmir, Thurgraf, Ysgraf the Frozen, Hrimgraf the Giant. Graff is a giant in every sense of the word. His physical size is imposing, dwarfing all other First, in his own realm of Frost Mourne he stands as tall as a mountain. On other worlds, he is still a giant standing 20-50 feet tall depending on his avatar.  He is seen in all forms carrying a two-handed  spiked mace made of blue ice and a smith’s hammer made of blue ice. Graff is the master of snowstorms and frozen waters.He is called the Cold Light on many worlds and the aurora borealis is supposed to be his mighty hammer striking a great forge of ice.  He is also considered the patron of warriors and gladiators as well as shepherds and farmers as well as fisherman.  

Considered on many worlds as a god of battle and war, his name is muttered in prayer before battle. Weapon and Armor smiths say prayers to Graff while they craft their wares. Some say that if one uses a block of rare blue ice to temper the artifact it will gain the blessing of Graff and are considered magical in nature. Within the Forstmourne there is a great hall called  Valholl where the Draugar, dead warriors who failed in their quest to recover the sword Onverlict (a sword of fate) reside. They are sworn to the sword and will answer the summons of the wielder of the sword. They are led by King Liulfr who was the first being to seek the sword to free his world from the grasp of Ghoukas. Yet he and all others within Valholl failed and now for eternity are tied to the blade.

After Ghoukas was defeated Graff took the sword and placed it deep in the caves of forgotten mists to keep it safe so that only those worthy of the blade may recover it. Graff can manipulate snow and ice with but a thought, his powers extend to the moisture in the air and he can freeze it at will. Graff tends to stay away from the machinations that the other First partake, he seeks neither to interfere nor subject races to his will. Graff prefers to stay in his icy realm, however he is friendly with Bannruod, while keeping the others at arm’s length and he actively oppose Ghoukas. 

Syrana the Eternal Mother; also known as Rhianna, Sara and Nana, Surya and Arana. She is considered on many worlds as an earth goddess, grain goddess, goddess of groves and the goddess of wine and love. She is the patron of mothers and children as well as known on many worlds as the Queen of Battles. On many worlds myths speak of her being slain by Graff when the winters come and her rebirth when the spring comes. Her symbol is the phoenix and she is often depicted as a beautiful woman wearing simple robes with glowing eyes and expansive wings. On other worlds, she appears as a hunched old woman with glowing eyes and a hump on her back. 

However in many myths and legends, she appears as a waif with large eyes and a wisp of a smile.  On some worlds she is depicted as a tall woman wearing furs carrying a long bow and a massive spear, with green and yellow paint on her body and face. When she is angry she is brings blight and infertility to the land and to people. She can bless life and where she walks life can grow no matter how harsh the landscape. Her powers extend to the healing arts and she is the one who brings medical knowledge in terms of herbs and natural medicine to people throughout the multiverse.  She can manifest herself in trees anywhere in the multiverse . She is the whisper on the wind and the rustle in the leaves and grasses. She opposes Ghoukas as he is a destroyer and she is a life giver.

Agatha the Shadowed Dancer; also known as Gartha the Black  Mother, Tara the Endless Time, Agat of the Burning Ground, Gahas the Mother of Darkness. On many worlds, she is considered the warrior goddess, the goddess of mysteries, the goddess of fertility and time as well as the goddess of destruction. On more advanced worlds, she is considered the opposite aspect of Syrana as they are considered one. She is depicted as a tall, beauty woman of dusky skin and sultry eyes. Her smile is dazzling but if one were to look closely, her teeth are all sharp and deadly. 

She is always depicted wearing dark clothes, bedecked with skeletons and skulls. She travels the multiverse appearing where battle and death occur. She carries a long spear and a great sword of shimmering metals. She can summon the dead to fight for her cause. Her greatest power is the shadowed dance where she can stop time for a short period and change the outcome of an event once.The fates grant her this power because it allows them to see two threads streaming at once. This power is one that taxes her and she prefers to not use it unless she needs to. 

She is an expert in all martial weapons and considered one of the deadliest warriors of the First. It is said that she is the wife of Bannruod and they are often depicted together in many temples across the multiverse, always facing each other  Her aspects are terrible to behold as she garners a blood lust when in combat akin to a berserker fury. She can traverse the multiverse using shadows much like Bannruod. Some worlds believe she was given this by the Lord of Five Darks so that his paramour could follow him on his endless travels. She can transform herself into a giant five-headed serpent with gleaming black scales. Her symbol is a coiled five-headed snake and around a skull. Where she walks, the ground becomes bleak and harsh.

Xunnik the Hunter; also known as Xochotol, Samaxtle, Taxuatu. He is universally known as the God of the Hunt, laughter and joy. He is also considered the god of mathematics and sciences. He can assume the form of any animal that exists. He is a short man with a shock of wild red hair, with long gangly arms clad in furs with streaks of blue-black paint that cover his body. He is often depicted as a dog, coyote, wolf, or monkey on many worlds, while on others he is seen as a large fish, eagle or predatory cat. His hands end in deadly claws that can shred metal and stone with ease. He wears a crown and cape of feathers and can restore life to a dead animal. In many religions across the multiverse, he is considered a trickster god who defies the whims and will of his brethren and even the Fates themselves. 

He is often the one who teaches races how to make fire, teaches them language, astronomy, medicine and the arts. Many myths and tales talk of how Xunnik stole fire from the First and spread it across the multiverse so that sentient creatures could stay warm on the coldest nights. Xunnik is said to have led the first champions of fate to the sacred places where the sword of fate lay hidden.  Some myths speak of Xunnik having assumed the form of a Shadow Crow and following Bannruod for a year and a day to learn his secrets which he then spread across the multiverse.


While these six are the better known First, there are thousands whose names are unknown but who watch and play the game of fates on worlds untold.